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Production Progress

  • Receiving Inspection of Materials
    1stReceiving Inspection of Materials
  • Color coding for control of Materials class & Projects
    2ndColor coding for control of Materials class & Projects
  • Safekeeping in the Rack
    3rdSafekeeping in the Rack
  • Cutting & Machining
    4thCutting & Machining
  • Stamping & DI, VI For 4th Step
    5thDI, VI For 4th Step
  • Fit-up and Inspection
    6thFit-up and Inspection
  • Welding
  • Inspection of DI, VI After welding
    8thDI, VI After welding
  • NDE
  • PWHT(Post weld Heat Treatment)
    10thPWHT(Post Weld Heat Treatment)
  • Hardness Test
    11thHardness Test
  • PMI(Positive Material Identification)
    12thPMI(Positive Material Identification)
  • Shot Blast and Inspection
    13thShot Blast and Inspection
  • Painting and Inspection
    14thPainting and Inspection
  • Packing and Inspection
    15thPacking and Inspection
  • Shipping / Transportation

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